In-Home Occupational Therapy to Your Door!

Are you seeking professional occupational therapy services but struggling to make it to a clinic? Look no further than Vista Healthcare’s In-Home Occupational Therapy Services! Our team of expert clinicians can provide personalised care in the comfort of your own home, servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Greater Sydney area.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or striving to achieve a specific goal, our team can help guide and support your progress.

Don’t let mobility issues or the stress of travel prevent you from getting the occupational therapy services you need. Contact Vista Healthcare today to learn more about our In-Home Occupational Therapy Services and take the first step toward achieving your goals!

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Professional Occupational Therapy Services

Vista Healthcare provides NDIS Occupational Therapy to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and greater Sydney communities, we primarily help with:

  • Private home visits
  • Functional rehabilitation
  • Assessments & recommendations
  • NDIS Occupational Therapy, NDIS reports & Assistive Technology
  • Prescribing assistive equipment such as wheelchairs and scooters

People have inspiring goals they want to achieve! These goals can relate to many different areas of life.

In all of these cases, our clinicians would work closely with the individual to guide and support progress towards these goals.

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