Home Modifications

Vista Healthcare runs well-managed home modifications under several funding schemes, such as NDIS, Home Care Package, DVA , iCARE & privately.

A home modification means to modify a property’s structure to offer people an environment that is conducive to living safely, mobilising and achieving greater independence.

Vista Healthcare focuses on low impact modifications, such as rails, ramps, kitchens, bathrooms and property accessibility.

Home modifications can have a significant impact on people’s daily lives. We are proud to offer professional Occupational Therapists with experience in this sector to the community of NSW.

Mobile Occupational Therapy Service

Modifications We Help With

We are able to help with the following low cost, low impact modifications:

  • Driveways
  • Ramps
  • Rails
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Doorways
  • Steps
  • Stair climbers
  • Assistive Technology
  • Communication devices
  • Ceiling hoists

We are able to handle low-cost modifications under $30,000. Vista Healthcare is an NDIS registered provider and has experience submitting clinical OT reports.

We currently do not perform complex home modifications over $30,000 (an example of a complex home mod would be an elevator installation).

Home Modification Assessment

To start the process, please submit a referral form online. A referral form is helpful for us to begin understanding the patient’s medical history and help us best prepare.

Vista Healthcare has extensive experience serving people living with physical and/or neurological conditions.

After receiving a referral, we will call the referee back to book an assessment at the participant’s property. At the consultation, we will begin forming a trusting relationship and ask detailed questions about the property and the behaviour/habits of the person.

This also involves us simulating how the participant moves through areas of the property, such as nighttime patterns, utilising existing assistive equipment, accessing the kitchen safely and performing gardening.

If the property is shared housing, we will assess common areas with other residents.

Vista Healthcare’s origins were in aged care facilities, where we gained experience creating safer environments. Our assessments are holistic in nature and address more than just home modifications.

The initial consultation typically takes us between 1.5-2 hours in time. The output of this assessment is a document/ report with recommendations for clinically appropriate home structure that will help the resident towards their meaningful goals.

How Home Modifications Are Delivered

Vista Healthcare may only be engaged for an initial assessment and we may not be required for an ongoing role.

With that said, our Occupational Therapists are capable of handling the project, from start to finish. This includes assessments, report writing, project management, functional rehabilitation, reviews & re-assessments.

However, at other times, Vista Healthcare is engaged to write a report to the NDIS to justify reasonable and necessary modifications. We are experienced creating accurate floor plans and itemising the necessary equipment.

We are experienced handling feedback from the NDIS and providing appropriate clinical documentation.

We work with local builders and equipment suppliers to perform home modifications for the NSW community. We also help make sense of funding, which is helpful for NDIS participants choosing providers that are right for them.

Home Modification FAQ

  • Does Vista Healthcare help participants request funding for home modifications from the NDIS?


    We submit clinical documentation suggesting the modifications are reasonable and necessary to ideally receive approval for the necessary funding.

  • Is Vista Healthcare a NDIS registered provider?

    Yes, we are proud to serve the NDIS community.

  • What happens if I need to move properties?

    In the event a person is moving properties, ideally, we are contacted in advance and will conduct a re-assessment at the new property before the person moves in.

    This process is just as comprehensive as the initial assessment, as we may need to perform new reporting and drafting works.

  • What property types are compatible with home modifications?

    All property types are compatible.

  • I have requirements for SIL and or SDA. Can I still get home modifications?

    Yes. Both of these are compatible.

    In some cases, a NDIS participant is preparing to enter, or choosing between properties and requires us to perform an assessment.

    We are highly experienced with both SIL and SDA.

  • Who Can Access Home Modifications?

    Vista Healthcare’s services are available to everyone. We operate under many funding schemes, namely:

    • NDIS participants
    • Homecare package clients
    • DVA
    • Private paying clients

    We are a team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Exercise Physiologists that are mobile across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and greater Sydney region.

    Home modifications can be accessed in all property types, such as homes, residential aged care facilities, shared housing, SIL & more. We liaise with all stakeholders and provide turnkey solutions.

  • What are the common hazards in properties?


    The most common projects we perform typically relate to bathroom and property access.

    Both of these places have a transitional component to them, such as the ability to sit-to-stand from the toilet and the changes in floor height respectively.

    There are also more subtle areas, such as poor lighting, uneven surfaces and the material of flooring changing between rooms.

    It is also important to acknowledge that the decline in function over time inherently creates new risks. For example, a single step that was previously easy may now be challenging. This is particularly prevalent with neurological conditions such as motor neuron disease.

    Hazards can be present in all areas of a property. Our Occupational Therapists conduct comprehensive assessments to identify and safeguard against apparent risks.

  • What is involved in helping someone adjust to home modifications?

    After the project is completed, our Occupational Therapists will perform a re-assessment and educate the client on correct use. The purpose of the re-assessment is to ensure the modifications are safe and work well for the client.

    Our services are holistic in nature, home modifications are often combined with evidence-based rehabilitation programs that are performed by both our Physios & OTs.