What is SIL?

Supported Independent Living is a program offered under the NDIS, whereby NDIS participants can move from home into shared accommodation with several other participants.

SIL is typically a long-term decision and the properties themselves are managed by support organisations. SIL is designed to support people to live as independently as possible. Each individual requires appropriate support staff, assistive equipment and healthcare.

Vista Healthcare is NDIS registered and we provide comprehensive Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy services and assessments to NDIS participants throughout greater Sydney.

Our SIL Allied Healthcare Services

We first conduct an initial assessment to determine whether the patient requires SIL or a more supported disability accommodation outside the scope of SIL.

If SIL is necessary, we’ll identify the amount of support needed to allow the patient to live an independent and meaningful life, examples include identifying carer ratio and recommended hours for physical rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy

Our OTs perform a wide range of assessments to quantify the needs of the patient. This includes:

  • Functional capacity assessments
  • Assistive Technology requests (e. wheelchairs, walkers etc)
  • Home modification assessments
  • Reviews of existing healthcare
  • NDIS plan reviews & reports

We are engaged for one-off assessments and also ongoing matters.


Our Physios provide a kind and caring home-visiting Physiotherapy service at SIL properties, where we address:

  • Ongoing rehabilitation plans (in line with NDIS goals)
  • Falls prevention
  • Improving strength, reflexes, skills and overall function

We visit people at a frequency of their choosing.

Following the assessment, our team will compile a report and submit it to NDIS for approval for funding based on increased needs. Assuming funding is approved, Vista Healthcare is able to provide ongoing OT and Physio services.

When is SIL Considered?

One of the values of the NDIS is “Making a difference so people with disability have choice and control over their lives”, as such, NDIS participants can apply to move into SIL at any time.

In some situations, family members have identified a growing need for their relatives to be better supported through SIL accommodation, as their current environment is not appropriate.

For NDIS participants who are plan managing their NDIS plan, their support coordination provider will often assist with the SIL application and also identifying supports (i.e. Occupational Therapy) that is reasonable and necessary.

Vista Healthcare is ready to be contacted for a SIL assessment at any time, whether that be a new SIL endeavour, the transition into SIL or a review of an existing SIL environment.

SIL Funding Explained

 The SIL assessment is typically longer and more detailed than other NDIS assessments.

This is because the decision to move into a new property is a big one, and there are factors such as compatibility with other residents that come into play.

Typically, our OT would spend 2 hours at the initial assessment/interview. We would read through previous reports and records. Then, we would take approximately 16 hours of time to finalise our report and submit this to the NDIA, however this time can vary.

From initial application, funding approval and moving into a property, this process could take anywhere from 3-12 months.

Why Choose Vista Healthcare?

Vista Healthcare’s mission is to provide Allied healthcare with compassion and care. 

  • We are Australian owned and operated
  • We are NDIS registered
  • Our clinicians are university-trained
  • We are prompt and professional

We’d love to hear from you!

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Vista Healthcare

What Our Patients Are Saying

Kristine Santos

Kind and Professional

Jacob from Vista Healthcare is a kind and professional occupational therapist. He has helped our son with ASD in being more independent and confident with his day-to-day living skills. Jacob is a great match for our son who is generally very selective on therapists that he would open and warm up to. Jacob is a credit to Vista Healthcare.

Mario Campo

Care and Compassion

Robina and her team have been providing in home Physio for my 91 year old mother for the past 18 months. The level of care and compassion is outstanding. They have navigated her needs during the pandemic with the utmost of professionalism, ensuring her mobility was not compromised and her health enhanced. The home visits take pressure off our family as balancing all her appointments, care and full time work is at times impossible. Knowing we can relax and not have to worry about her physio needs, provides great peace of mind. We cannot thank them all enough and have no hesitation in recommending the services.

Lauren Kent

Kind and Caring

I have worked alongside Robina and the Vista Healthcare Team for well over two years now and I can't praise them enough! They are kind, professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable in their field. It has been a pleasure working alongside them in taking care of the staff and residents at Fitzgerald Aged Care.

Steve and Sam

Highly Professional

I would just like to thank Robina for the very generous advice that she gave me yesterday. There most definitely was an opportunity for her company to take financial advantage of my situation however she displayed a highly professional and ethical standard and I valued her honest and genuine opinion. While we now have no need for her services (thanks to her advice), I would most certainly consider approaching Vista Healthcare in the future. Many thanks and best wishes.

Jenny Luke

Great Service

We have been using Vista Healthcare for a while and are very happy with the service they provide. Robina, the physio is amazing and we are so grateful for the work she has been doing with my husband.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) FAQ

  • What information is typically provided by Vista Healthcare to relevant guardians or support coordinators?

    Our Occupational Therapist would first perform a full assessment using evidence-based measures to justify the need for SIL. Identified needs can include functional needs, mobility needs, personal care needs, and ongoing daily living requirements.

    The results of their review will be used as supportive evidence in the clinical report. We’ll then provide the report to the support coordinator who reviews it and, at their discretion, confirms with the participant and consented family before submitting it for approval.

  • What happens if a client doesn’t understand their SIL report?

    Please phone us at any time.

    The report contains information regarding the assessments performed, medical background, functional needs, mobility and social considerations (i.e. notes relating to aggression or sensory needs) and can typically be interpreted by supporting stakeholders.

    We are happy to take the time for follow-up communication to discuss moving forward.

  • Who does Vista Healthcare work with?

    Vista Healthcare is an Australian NDIS company who works with paediatrics (7+) and adults (18+) who are living with a disability.

    We are able to assist with most SIL matters. There may be exceptions (such as highly complex cases) where we may not be appropriate to assist.

    In initially speaking with participants, family members, or support coordinators, we’ll first try to understand their request or concern. If it doesn’t sound like the right match, we’ll let them know or refer them on to organisations that we believe will be more suitable for their needs.

  • Can Vista Healthcare share a SIL success story?

    Of course!

    During the beginning of COVID, we worked with a gentleman who was living in an aged care facility, however expressed the desire to live with people of similar age.

    Our staff worked diligently to complete his assessment through telehealth and multiple visits to the property. He wished to move into a SIL property with a common-room with games that would allow him to socialise with other residents.

    His new SIL environment was approved. We also arranged other identified equipment, namely a new wheelchair and accessible bed.

    He’s now loving his new life in SIL and playing cards with his friends, how great!

  • Can Vista Healthcare help me choose the right SIL property?

    NDIS participants have choice and control. Ultimately, the property must satisfy the participant’s needs and goals.

    In our experience, most people choose a SIL property that is geographically close to their family and friends. Other considerations might be:

    • Property accessibility (bathrooms, patient lifters, hoists, multi-story lifts, etc)
    • Single or shared rooms
    • Inclusion of sensory rooms
    • Different carer ratios and resources
    • Lifestyle preferences

    Typically, the family or support coordinator will tour different SIL environments to shortlist prospective properties. Vista Healthcare’s OTs can visit multiple properties to ensure they are accessible and safe.

    We can also speak with on-site staff and management to understand their services. For both caretakers and guardians, it’s important to understand the support required to provide activities of daily living, such as personal grooming and transfers.

    Those details will be recommended in our report as well to ensure we find the right SIL environment for the patient.