Occupational Therapy Assessments

Vista Healthcare performs professional Occupational Therapy assessments to help people in a variety of ways.

We use validated assessment tools to assess an individual’s current capacity, limitations and goals. Based on the findings, we formulate evidence-based strategies to help people live safer, more independent lives.

We are NDIS registered providers and are often required to perform specific assessments to help NDIS participants access funding and appropriate healthcare.

Types of Occupational Therapy Assessments

There is a range of assessments that Occupational Therapists carry out, including:

  • Full Functional Assessments
  • Independent Living Abilities Assessment
  • Home Environment Assessments
  • Sensory Processing Assessments

In the case of a Full Functional Assessment, activities are designed to determine physical strength, muscle-mass deficits and the capacity to manage the activities of daily living.

What is the Outcome of an OT Assessment?

The primary objective is to help people achieve their individual goals. In many cases, primary goals include things such as:

  • To be able to live as independently as possible
  • To be able to access the community
  • To be able to engage in recreational activities

For NDIS Participants, these goals will be outlined in their NDIS Plan. Vista Healthcare can help clients to establish the best ways to achieve these NDIS- identified goals.

Once goals are established, an Occupational Therapist will make recommendations to help the client to achieve those goals. These recommendations may involve one-off or ongoing therapy sessions, assistive equipment, or other tailored interventions.

For example, in a recent falls risk case, we identified the person was at high risk of falling in a narrow section of their kitchen, submitted our reports to the NDIS and managed minor home modifications to make the environment safer.

What To Expect During an Assessment

Vista Healthcare is a mobile company, so we see clients either at their homes or at other appropriate locations, such as workplaces, schools and residential aged care facilities.

For a first visit, it can be helpful to have any relevant paperwork or reports on hand for our clinicians to assess. We can also assist with reviewing current equipment or supports, so it can be beneficial to have them nearby too.

We are NDIS registered and able to serve participants aged 7+, including adults over 18.

To find out more about our services, contact Vista Healthcare through our online enquiry form or by phoning us on 1300 306 037 today.

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Why Choose Vista Healthcare?

At Vista Healthcare we pride ourselves on having a client-focused approach. We listen to our patients and understand their needs to ensure that all our services are very personalised.

We also understand that some patients have specific preferences, for example requesting a male or a female therapist. We are always very respectful of these requests and accommodate them wherever we can. If we cannot accommodate a request, we advise the client as soon as possible.

As health care providers, we prioritise being ethical, compassionate and caring in all the services we deliver. This includes recognising when someone’s needs fall outside our areas of expertise; if this happens, we recommend an alternative provider who specialises in the appropriate area.

Please use our contact page to make an enquiry.