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Vista Healthcare is dedicated to serving the health needs of the local Brisbane community by providing caring and personalised home care physiotherapy services. As a team of mobile home care therapists, we offer the convenience of bringing our services to your preferred location. You can choose the location for your mobile physiotherapy session from a variety of options, including the local gym, your family home, a park, shared living arrangements, retirement villages, aged care facilities, or supported living accommodations.

Our team of experienced home care physiotherapists in Brisbane provides a range of services tailored to meet your individual needs. We specialise in providing rehabilitation services in the comfort of your home, post-surgery or joint replacement.

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Our Brisbane Service Areas

Mobile Physiotherapy Brisbane

Our assistance extends to enhancing your functional capacity including improving your ability to walk, building strength and balance, offering advice on mobility aids, aiding in respiratory function/rehabilitation, helping you regain balance and confidence after a fall or post-cardiac event, and providing rehabilitation after a neurological event like a Stroke.

We can also assist with improving your functional capacity, such as walking, building on your strength and balance, advising on mobility aids, assisting with respiratory functional/rehabilitation, post-cardiac event, post-fall to improve balance and confidence, as well as rehabilitation after a neurological event, such as Stroke.

As a locally-based service, we understand the unique needs of the Brisbane community and are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of care. With our compassionate and professional approach, we aim to improve the health and well-being of all our clients, ensuring they can continue to enjoy their active lifestyle in the vibrant city of Brisbane.

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How Our Brisbane Mobile Physiotherapists Help

Mobile Physiotherapy Sydney


We prescribe bespoke programs to our patients.

Our programs are graded, meaning the patient will make quantifiable progress towards their rehab goals.

You can expect us to bring therabands, weights, exercise balls and possibly our exercise bike!

We work within our patient’s physical capacity.


We assist our patients with a number of balance exercises to maximise their stability and improve confidence.

Balance is extremely vital for any person who has had a fall or a near miss thus Physio can assist to improve this.

Balance exercises are designed to improve stability and lower risk of falls.

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Common exercises may include standing with narrow base of support, dynamic exercises in standing, obstacle walking, tandem standing and then progressively making static balance difficult, moving to dynamic balance training such as walking on uneven surface, single-leg standing, ball activities to challenge balance, closing one eye and standing tip-toed.

These exercises serve to increase proprioception, which can improve balance as well.

Lower limb strength and trunk control are important factors.

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Home Care Physiotherapy Sydney


There are many neurological factors can affect an individual’s coordination.

We help people with fine motor skills such as:

  • Writing
  • Improve hand and mouth function
  • Navigating steps and obstacles

To improve coordination, we help patients focus on the precision of activity in order to refine motor control.

Mobile Physiotherapy Sydney

Cardiovascular Conditioning

We help people maximise their cardiovascular health.

Our therapists will focus on exercises including quick sit to stands, quick step-ups, bicycling, walking, and, eventually, more intensive walking and running.

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Cardiovascular conditioning can be beneficial for a number of heart-related conditions. For patients diagnosed with heart disease, our focus is on improving the strength of the cardiac muscle, which helps to increase stamina for daily tasks such as walking and cleaning.

We can even measure your heart rate over time.

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Mobile Physiotherapy Sydney


Our focus on improving function will depend on what your current functional level is and what you want to achieve to help support everyday living.

Many times, a person will want to live independently at home and overcome barriers, such as stairs.

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In this case, we would focus on lower limb strength and possibly upper limb strength to pull on a rail.

We’ll focus our efforts around the individual patient’s goal to ensure their functional needs are met.

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Home care Physiotherapy

Equipment Prescription/ Falls Prevention assessment

During our Initial Physiotherapy assessment, we will also identify any mobility aid that will improve independence or make mobilising safer such as walking stick or frame.

We will also identify any falls risk around the house and will make recommendations.

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The Aim of Home Physiotherapy is to ensure you can stay in the comfort of your home safely for as long as possible.

We will also make other recommendations or referrals to other therapists if we identify the need and will discuss this option with you. This could be a referral to an Occupational Therapist, Podiatrist, GP, or Dietitian.

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What is Included in Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment

Our administrative team goes above and beyond to prepare our Physios for each session. Before the initial assessment, we gather extensive information by spending a minimum of 45 minutes on consultation, reviewing medical reports, and conducting relevant tests and observations, in addition to setting goals.

If the case is especially complex, this timeframe may be extended. Once the session has concluded, we develop a personalised rehabilitation plan that takes into account the patient’s unique needs and goals.

Ongoing Physiotherapy

The duration of subsequent visits will depend on the patient’s endurance and our objectives. Typically, visits last from 30 minutes to one hour.

We will work with the patient to determine the frequency of sessions. Patients may choose to receive weekly mobile physiotherapy sessions, or a combination of weekly physiotherapy and monthly hydrotherapy.

Exercise Prescription

At Vista Healthcare, we create customised exercise routines for our patients that they can do independently or with the support of their caregivers or family.

Our process is streamlined by using a unique app called PhysiTrack, which offers a range of exercises, sets, and reps that can be delivered via SMS or email. Our Brisbane physiotherapists can monitor progress through the app, and patients can receive assistance with setting up PhysiTrack if needed. PhysiTrack can be accessed on smartphones or tablets.

Patients who prefer physical copies of their exercise routine can receive a written or printed version, or have it explained to them verbally. Our top priority at Vista Healthcare is to keep our patients engaged and motivated by providing individualized care and support.

Mobile Physiotherapy Sydney



Meet Some of Our Physiotherapists


Robina is the senior physiotherapist and team leader. Since graduating from Adelaide in the 1990s, Robina has worked around Australia and overseas in senior and management roles, with experience expanding from acute hospital settings ( ICU, CCU, acute Cardiac and Neuro Rehab) to outpatient, Chronic Pain, musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardiac Rehabilitation.

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Robina is a passionate Physiotherapist who drives the clinical team based on evidence based practice as well as advocates for the profession and clients.

More recently, she’s turned her focus to our elderly patients and those living with disabilities.

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Alex is an enthusiastic and passionate Physiotherapist who works with elderly clients in aged care facilities and those living with disabilities in the broader community.

He’s a very client-focused individual and an empathetic and caring physiotherapist who has consistently recorded great results with all the clients he’s worked with.


Priyanka joined Vista Healthcare in 2014 and is one of our senior Physiotherapists. She is an extremely caring, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable physiotherapist who has a specialized interest in elderly clients and women’s health.

Priyanka completed post-graduate courses in Physiotherapy and has a background in neurological Physiotherapy as well.

Physiotherapy Brisbane FAQ

  • What's the frequency of at-home Physiotherapy?

    The frequency of Physiotherapy home visits will depend on the patient’s needs, goals and preferences.

    For example, in acute postoperative care, we would typically schedule 2x sessions per week for 6-8 weeks and then adjust to weekly sessions or once a fortnight depending on requirements and treatment goals.

    The recommendations will be communicated to the patient and we would request consent before proceeding.

  • What is the patient experience like?

    Once the patient contacts us for an initial appointment, we’ll note their requirements and needs and let them know who the next available Physiotherapist is.

    We understand individuals may have preferences based on gender, religion, spoken language, the best time to visit, etc. If a patient expresses a preference or a choice of therapist, we will try our best to accommodate.

    Depending on their physical needs, patients may also prefer to have physiotherapists visit only when care staff is present. If that’s the case, we’ll work to find an appropriate window when it would be best for us to visit. We’re also happy to work with family members as needed to coordinate schedules as well.

    Our team is also available to provide services at alternative locations outside the home such as hydrotherapy centres, aged care facilities, and other places throughout the community where the patient feels comfortable receiving care.

    Our Physiotherapists will uphold our values of Compassion and Care at all time.

  • Will Vista Healthcare perform a COVID-19 check before entering my home?

    Yes, we take a number of COVID precautions to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

    Before a therapist visits the home, we’ll inform patients about their vaccination status. A COVID screening test will also need to be completed before each visit. A member of our team will send a screening that needs to be completed by the patient and/or the guardian or carer.

    When the therapist gets to the door, they will do a screening test with the patient and anyone else in the home to ensure that everyone’s free of any sort of symptoms and the session can be conducted safely.

  • Am I locked into any services?

    No, not at all. You can discontinue services at any time for any reason.

  • How can I find out how much physiotherapy is going to cost?

    During your initial contact, our administrative team can inform you of the costs for our services, from an initial consultation and any variable pathways.

Vista Healthcare

What Our Patients Are Saying

Kristine Santos

Kind and Professional

Jacob from Vista Healthcare is a kind and professional occupational therapist. He has helped our son with ASD in being more independent and confident with his day-to-day living skills. Jacob is a great match for our son who is generally very selective on therapists that he would open and warm up to. Jacob is a credit to Vista Healthcare.

Mario Campo

Care and Compassion

Robina and her team have been providing in home Physio for my 91 year old mother for the past 18 months. The level of care and compassion is outstanding. They have navigated her needs during the pandemic with the utmost of professionalism, ensuring her mobility was not compromised and her health enhanced. The home visits take pressure off our family as balancing all her appointments, care and full time work is at times impossible. Knowing we can relax and not have to worry about her physio needs, provides great peace of mind. We cannot thank them all enough and have no hesitation in recommending the services.

Lauren Kent

Kind and Caring

I have worked alongside Robina and the Vista Healthcare Team for well over two years now and I can't praise them enough! They are kind, professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable in their field. It has been a pleasure working alongside them in taking care of the staff and residents at Fitzgerald Aged Care.

Steve and Sam

Highly Professional

I would just like to thank Robina for the very generous advice that she gave me yesterday. There most definitely was an opportunity for her company to take financial advantage of my situation however she displayed a highly professional and ethical standard and I valued her honest and genuine opinion. While we now have no need for her services (thanks to her advice), I would most certainly consider approaching Vista Healthcare in the future. Many thanks and best wishes.

Jenny Luke

Great Service

We have been using Vista Healthcare for a while and are very happy with the service they provide. Robina, the physio is amazing and we are so grateful for the work she has been doing with my husband.