Home Care Physiotherapy Services – Physiotherapy at Home!

Vista Healthcare’s wonderful Physiotherapists provide evidence-based exercise programs to people to improve their strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance and quality of life! We proudly offer:

  • Private home visits
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Aged Care Physiotherapy
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • NDIS, Homecare, Workcover, CTP, CDP & DVA Physiotherapy

We employ a diverse workforce of Physiotherapists and are equipped to provide holistic care to adults and the elderly. Our services are primarily delivered on a mobile basis.

At Vista Healthcare, our home care Physiotherapy service is available to everyone, regardless of their living arrangements.

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Our Home Care Physiotherapy Service Areas

Helping People Through Physiotherapy at Home

Evidence-Based 1:1 Home Visits

Our home care Physiotherapy service plans will include not just one-on-one treatments, but we strongly advocate home-based exercise programs that we will develop with you.

We encourage clients to self-manage as much as possible and we will guide them through this.

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Our clinicians will prescribe exercises that the client can perform, either by themselves or with their carers. Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to achieve individual goals.

Structuring sessions and providing self-management skills for rehabilitation means we provide significant value for those with budget limitations.

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Clinician to Case Matching

We are staffed by multiple Physiotherapists and we are able to provide information over the phone whether we are appropriate to consider or otherwise.

Our team is well qualified to deal with complex or unusual cases.

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Our Physiotherapists are experienced in geriatrics, neurological conditions, women’s health and Rheumatology to name a few.

Our role includs delivering complex therapies(i.e. mirror therapy) to help people manage or lower their pain, as well as maximise their physical potential.

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Patient-Directed Care

Our client’s goals come first.

We believe in patient-directed care, meaning we actively listen to people in their own words.

Our values are compassion and care. Our Physiotherapist’s dedicated themselves to you, no matter where our goals take us.

University Trained, Professional Physiotherapists

At Vista Healthcare we are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

We also hold memberships to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

We are committed to high standards within our industry, and as such Robina Ramzan from Vista Healthcare is a representative on the NSW APA Committee as well as the NSW Gerontology Committee.

All staff possess a minimum of a Bachelor of Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy.

Ready to Work with Vista Healthcare?

Here are 4 reasons why we are a great provider:

  1. Our clinicians work with true passion. We consider healthcare to be an opportunity, not just a job. We’re proud to go beyond what we’re required to do. Our clients are never just a number – we work with them and their families.
  2. We ensure people receive the highest level of evidence-based practice to make life better for our clients and carers.
  3. We invest in our team by recruiting highly qualified clinicians who are passionate to serve the sectors we partner with.
  4. Compassion is a priority: our Physios understand how important it is to empathise and connect with a patient in order to best support them. We carefully fostered our team to share this view, so quality is at the heart of our operations.

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Vista Healthcare

What Our Patients Are Saying

Kristine Santos

Kind and Professional

Jacob from Vista Healthcare is a kind and professional occupational therapist. He has helped our son with ASD in being more independent and confident with his day-to-day living skills. Jacob is a great match for our son who is generally very selective on therapists that he would open and warm up to. Jacob is a credit to Vista Healthcare.

Mario Campo

Care and Compassion

Robina and her team have been providing in home Physio for my 91 year old mother for the past 18 months. The level of care and compassion is outstanding. They have navigated her needs during the pandemic with the utmost of professionalism, ensuring her mobility was not compromised and her health enhanced. The home visits take pressure off our family as balancing all her appointments, care and full time work is at times impossible. Knowing we can relax and not have to worry about her physio needs, provides great peace of mind. We cannot thank them all enough and have no hesitation in recommending the services.

Lauren Kent

Kind and Caring

I have worked alongside Robina and the Vista Healthcare Team for well over two years now and I can't praise them enough! They are kind, professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable in their field. It has been a pleasure working alongside them in taking care of the staff and residents at Fitzgerald Aged Care.

Steve and Sam

Highly Professional

I would just like to thank Robina for the very generous advice that she gave me yesterday. There most definitely was an opportunity for her company to take financial advantage of my situation however she displayed a highly professional and ethical standard and I valued her honest and genuine opinion. While we now have no need for her services (thanks to her advice), I would most certainly consider approaching Vista Healthcare in the future. Many thanks and best wishes.

Jenny Luke

Great Service

We have been using Vista Healthcare for a while and are very happy with the service they provide. Robina, the physio is amazing and we are so grateful for the work she has been doing with my husband.

Physiotherapy FAQ

  • What is an example of a complex case?

    One example of a complex case relates to Allodynia: a painful condition in which the patient does not have an injury but experiences significant – often debilitating pain in response to something that would not normally cause pain.

    This is also referred to as a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, it is a neurological response that can be likened to phantom limb syndrome.

    Our clinical expertise enabled us to help the 21-year-old client who had been restricted by significant pain for more than a year. He required a CAM boot to move.

    We worked as part of a multidisciplinary team (namely, a pain physician) and he was able to walk comfortably within a matter of months.

  • What types of goals has Vista Healthcare helped people achieve?

    We are very proud of our ability to support people towards their goals and the variety of challenges we have helped people overcome.

    At Vista Healthcare, we are mindful that seemingly small achievements can have an extraordinary impact on quality of life.

    Example 1

    A patient dealing with Parkinson’s disease had lost her capability to walk. She was determined to stay in her home, and she particularly did not want to use a hoist. She set herself the goal of being able to stand and look out her kitchen window as she had always done.

    Across a period of two months, we worked together and helped her become capable of standing from her wheelchair, walking ten metres to her kitchen window to view her beautiful property.

    This enabled her to feel empowered in her life. She recognised that with the right rehabilitation plan she could remain independent in her home, rather than moving to a residential facility.

    She would always comment “I just want to be in my house which I have lived in for 40 years and I decorated with the best Persian carpets”.

    Example 2

    A client had been wheelchair-bound for nearly four years; our therapy enabled him to stand up and walk again, initially with a parallel bar and then with a frame. That is a huge achievement, what an inspiration!

    An 85-year-old patient experienced a fall overseas and required a wheelchair to assist him during his recovery. Through this process, he lost motivation and didn’t feel capable of returning to walking. We worked together for months to enable him to regain his mobility and confidence. Initially this was in the form of getting out of bed independently of his carers, we then set a goal of walking around his home and veranda. This enabled him to watch his horses & grandchildren run around the yard. What may be a little change to us was a huge change for him.

    Example 3

    These are just some of the examples of the ways in which our Physiotherapy team can assist people. Helping people achieve their goals, increase capacity and to feel a sense of achievement is highly motivational for Vista.

    We are very passionate about helping people to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible.

    We advocate for the community, there are many people who are still unaware of the funding and interventions available to them, so we do our best to help people access Physiotherapy services (we are selfless and encourage people to obtain the provider that is right for them). 

  • Do Vista Healthcare's Physiotherapists undertake professional development?

    All of our Physiotherapists are encouraged and supported to undertake ongoing education. Vista Healthcare understands that staff desire professional development and this leads to greater job satisfaction and performance.

    All of our Physiotherapists perform mandatory annually with AHPRA to maintain their registration.

    Staff are allocated a CPD allowance for areas of interest. This is usually spent in gerontology.

  • What types of properties can Vista Healthcare visit?

    Our Physiotherapy sessions predominantly occur in someone’s home. However, we support clients in all environments and property types, such as:

    • Houses
    • Units
    • Rental properties
    • Supported Independent Living
    • Specialist Disability Accommodation
    • Retirement villages
    • Shared accommodation
    • Residential aged care facilities
    • Gyms/pools

    Vista Healthcare employs a diverse group of Physiotherapists that live around Sydney, so we really appreciate the opportunity to live and work in our community. Many of our staff are Alumni from the University of Sydney too.

  • Who can access Vista Healthcare's services?

    Vista Healthcare primarily works with adults living with a disability, older adults and certain paediatric cases.

    We are NDIS registered.

    Our clinicians are mobile, meaning we visit people at their home,

    Our geographical coverage is extensive and includes North Sydney, as far north as the Hawkesbury River, North West Sydney, West Sydney, Greater Hills district, Blue Mountains & the Upper North Shore.

    We also operate in residential aged care facilities to provide in-house Physiotherapy, Pain Management Programs and Manual Handling Training and are well versed with the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI).