Wheelchair Prescription Services

Vista Healthcare is proud to support people’s mobility and accessibility through the prescription of electric and manual wheelchairs.

Our Occupational Therapists are mobile and complete comprehensive assessments, which include the assessment, prescription and trial of wheelchairs.

We are seeing great outcomes with this service, as wheelchairs help people to live as independently as possible, access the community, recreation and achieve their meaningful goals.

Nurse gently covering with blanket woman in wheelchair, care about old people

A young black disabled woman with a wheelchair and a bright colored sweater and her Asian friend walk around the city.

Types of Wheelchairs We Prescribe

Vista Healthcare is able to help with:

  • Powered and non-powered wheelchairs
  • Custom wheelchair specifications, such as safe weight limit, turning radius, wheel size, trunk control, carrying capacity, cushions and controls
  • Tilt in space wheelchairs
  • Folding wheelchairs 

We are proud to employ senior Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who are experienced in the aged care, community and rehabilitative sectors.

Advancements in Technology to Support Wheelchair Use

Nowadays, wheelchair users have many options when choosing the right wheelchair to fit their lifestyle needs. Typically, advancements have been made to allow people living with a neurological condition to utilise them, such as

  • Operation from minimal or discreetly touched controls
  • Motor attachments, allowing a person to have both a manual and electric wheelchair in one, are highly suitable to use periodically, such as uphill
  • Tilting and elevation features
  • Terrain specific wheelchairs, such as beach access wheelchairs
  • Anti-sway features

Vista Healthcare’s Occupational Therapists maintain awareness of changes in the market to maximise our client’s choice and success.

Group of senior people with some diseases walking outdoors - Mature group of friends spending time together

Where Do We Get The Wheelchair From?

Vista Healthcare is able to assist in finding a suitable provider. This may involve:

  • Reviewing websites with the participant to view different options and preferences
  • Organising timeless with suppliers so they can bring wheelchair(s) to the participant’s residence for trial
  • Attending a showroom with a participant to support decision making
  • Contacting multiple providers throughout Sydney and beyond to discuss pricing, trials and delivery timeframes

It is important to note, Vista Healthcare has no preferences or biases in terms of supplier or brand, we advocate for choice and control. In cases where a patient is NDIA managed, they may be requested to purchase from an NDIS registered provider as that is what is compatible with their approved funding.

How Can I Get Started with Vista Healthcare?

Vista Healthcare works with paediatric and adult patients, ages 7+.

  • We are NDIS registered
  • We are caring and compassionate
  • We are mobile and come to you
  • We work alongside other allied healthcare and support organisations

Please feel free to meet our staff here, and if you have any questions, please use our contact page.


  • Would someone potentially receive a walker, a wheelchair, and a scooter?

    Yes, if all three pieces of equipment are required to help support the patient, they can receive each of them under NDIS funding.

    Typically, electric wheelchairs are suitable inside the home and for short commutes, whereas scooters are more appropriate for longer distances and navigating outdoor terrain.

  • Why is wheelchair posture important?

    When in the chair, there should be no more than 90 degrees of hip flexion with their knee positioned well on the footplates. Having a large degree of flexion can result in the pelvic wall tilting forward, which can add stress to the spine and cause discomfort.

  • How does Vista Healthcare support people over the long term?

    Vista Healthcare is always contactable to answer any questions, either before, during or after the prescription of a wheelchair.

    We understand that people’s situations will change, perhaps a wheelchair that was once comfortable is no longer so.

    We assist people with functional rehabilitation, gait improvement, manual handling training, equipment reviews and also support people if they are moving properties or if the goals have changed.

    Vista Healthcare will always be here for those who need us!