NDIS Assessments Gold Coast

Vista Healthcare performs a variety of NDIS assessments for our patients, the assessment chosen depends on the needs of the NDIS participant.

The process typically starts with a referral or phone enquiry. We will perform a pre-visit phone call to confirm the requirements of the participant (or stakeholders) and book the relevant therapist to visit the person at their home.

Vista Healthcare operates throughout the greater Gold Coast region and works with adult (18+) NDIS participants.

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Types of NDIS Assessments We Are Experienced With

Vista Healthcare was first NDIS registered in 2018, we employ a range of Australian Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists who are experienced with:

  • Functional capacity assessments
  • Assistive Technology assessments
  • Home modification assessments
  • Allied health assessments (Physio & OT)
  • SDA & SIL assessments
  • NDIS Plan Review reports
  • Initial NDIS assessments

Vista Healthcare uses a mixture of official NDIS reporting templates and our own clinical documentation. We assist our clients to submit these reports to the NDIS/NDIA and implement the required healthcare thereafter.

When is an NDIS Assessment Required?

NDIS assessments could be required for a number of reasons.

New NDIS Participants

New NDIS participants seeking to apply for funding often engage Vista Healthcare to perform initial assessments as part of their application.

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NDIS Plan Reviews

Assessments are also required for plan reviews. In these instances, a full functional assessment with an Occupational Therapy report is required.

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The purpose of plan reviews are to ensure current supports are appropriate (carers, living environment, how healthcare is being managed etc,). If additional reasonable and necessary support are required, these will be formalised in the report with the purpose of assisting the NDIS participant to achieve their meaningful goals and access appropriate funding.

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Change of Circumstances

An assessment could also be required if there has been a change in a patient’s condition or circumstances. This often relates to changes in accommodation or health status.

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As such, the patient would require a functional assessment to identify new care and/or equipment needs.

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Assistive Technology

We also perform assessments for people planning to access complex Assistive Technology (such as powered wheelchairs, scooters and hoists) and provide the necessary manual handling training to relevant stakeholders.

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Vista Healthcare works closely with patients, care givers, support coordinators and other Allied healthcare companies to ensure multidisciplinary care is provided.

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Assessments Explained

What medical documentation is produced after an assessment?

The reporting that Vista Healthcare provides depends on the type of assessment.

For functional assessments, our documentation will include a full comprehensive report completed by our Occupational Therapist. The primary considerations are current health status, assessment findings, interventions required and anticipated hours.

How is the assessment service delivered?

Please contact us and we will conduct pre-screening to ensure we are appropriate to consider.

Vista Healthcare will visit the NDIS participant’s home at a mutually agreed upon time.

Assessments take approximately 1-3 hours at the residence, plus reporting time thereafter. All NDIS assessments are funded by the person’s plan. We provide professional communication throughout.

Who can access Vista Healthcare’s services?

We work with adults over 18 and NDIS participants who are self or plan-managing their NDIS plan. Our clinicians are compassionate and visit people across greater Gold Coast.

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How do NDIS Assessments Help People Achieve Their Goals?

Vista Healthcare is a holistic provider, meaning that we consider all aspects of a person’s life and how this could be better managed to improve safety, independence and quality of life. Assessments help with:

Home Safety – Creating safe environments (from safe cutlery to minor home mods such as ramps and rails) to improve safety for residents and people visiting the property. A priority for Vista Healthcare.

Assistive Technology – Both low and high cost/risk equipment that requires approval from the NDIS.

Community Access – The right of every patient. We help people access the community through physical rehabilitation, mobility equipment prescription, using public transport, attending work/school support etc. Our clinicians support our clients wherever their goals take us.

Future Planning – Identifying current risks and future needs for NDIS plans to ensure patients receive appropriate funding in their upcoming NDIS plan.

Activities of Daily Living – Our therapists help people build skills and capacity to perform tasks of everyday living with safety, independence and dignity (i.e. fatigue management, upper limb rehab).

Related Support Services – Ensuring our clients receive appropriate Allied healthcare, social supports, leisure and everything in between.

Ready to Work with Vista Healthcare?

Vista Healthcare is an Australian-owned company with senior Physios and OTs who have extensive experience providing assessments under the NDIS.

  • Our therapy and administration teams are well-versed with NDIS/NDIA processes, working with NDIS support coordinators and putting our client first
  • We are appropriately registered with the APA and AHPRA
  • Our staff hold current WWCC certifications
  • We are skilled at providing healthcare to people living with a disability

Our patients commend us for the passionate care we provide and the knowledge and enthusiasm our team brings to every case. Whether you’re just getting started with NDIS or you’re a current participant, we’re happy to assist with your individual needs.

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Vista Healthcare

What Our Patients Are Saying

Kristine Santos

Kind and Professional

Jacob from Vista Healthcare is a kind and professional occupational therapist. He has helped our son with ASD in being more independent and confident with his day-to-day living skills. Jacob is a great match for our son who is generally very selective on therapists that he would open and warm up to. Jacob is a credit to Vista Healthcare.

Mario Campo

Care and Compassion

Robina and her team have been providing in home Physio for my 91 year old mother for the past 18 months. The level of care and compassion is outstanding. They have navigated her needs during the pandemic with the utmost of professionalism, ensuring her mobility was not compromised and her health enhanced. The home visits take pressure off our family as balancing all her appointments, care and full time work is at times impossible. Knowing we can relax and not have to worry about her physio needs, provides great peace of mind. We cannot thank them all enough and have no hesitation in recommending the services.

Lauren Kent

Kind and Caring

I have worked alongside Robina and the Vista Healthcare Team for well over two years now and I can't praise them enough! They are kind, professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable in their field. It has been a pleasure working alongside them in taking care of the staff and residents at Fitzgerald Aged Care.

Steve and Sam

Highly Professional

I would just like to thank Robina for the very generous advice that she gave me yesterday. There most definitely was an opportunity for her company to take financial advantage of my situation however she displayed a highly professional and ethical standard and I valued her honest and genuine opinion. While we now have no need for her services (thanks to her advice), I would most certainly consider approaching Vista Healthcare in the future. Many thanks and best wishes.

Jenny Luke

Great Service

We have been using Vista Healthcare for a while and are very happy with the service they provide. Robina, the physio is amazing and we are so grateful for the work she has been doing with my husband.