Manual Handling Training

Vista Healthcare provides Manual Handling Training to carers, families and staff of organisations to help people safely undertake the manual tasks involved in their roles.

Manual Handling Training includes:

  • Theoretical knowledge to gain an understanding of manual handling
  • Identifying potentially hazardous manual tasks
  • Legislative guidelines around manual handling
  • Safe work practice guidelines include code of practice, work health and safety policies and procedures
  • Equipment specific training such as hoists, lifters and transfer devices

It is important to note that manual handling does not only relate to clinical roles and to the provision of care. It also relates to the physical tasks performed by all staff (such as maintenance and gardening staff) so that a workplace can maximise safety for all.

Who is Appropriate to Undertake Manual Handling Training?

Vista Healthcare welcomes enquiries from all Australians. Manual handling is highly appropriate for:

  • Carers, nurses and non-clinical staff of aged care, NDIS and disability organisations
  • Family members providing care to a loved one
  • Australian citizens looking to upskill themselves for employment purposes

Why Is Manual Handling Training Necessary?

Manual Handling Training is important for the safety of each and every staff member and carer, as well as for the safety of residents.

Manual Handling Training is a legislated responsibility of all employers in the sector. It is a requirement that all staff are trained in any manual handling tasks they may need to perform as part of their role.

Manual handling is a form of professional development that is highly desirable by staff to perform their duties correctly.

Manual handling requires yearly re-certification to upskill staff, which is very helpful as equipment and assistive technology is updated.

What is Included in Manual Handling Training?

After receiving an enquiry, Vista Healthcare will organise to visit the client’s premises.

Each session will be approximately 2.5 hours and conducted by either a senior Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist. Group sizes are typically 12-15 people. The training may be split over two days.

Theoretical Component

  • Understanding Rights and Responsibilities
  • Causes of injury
  • Identifying manual tasks and hazardous tasks
  • Protecting your body
  • Lifting techniques
  • Workplace Specific Manual Handling considerations
  • Risk Management
  • How to prepare for work
  • Question & answers section

Practical Component

It is important that the theory of manual handling is verified by an assessment of the practical competencies. The practical component is tailored to each workplace however typically involves

  • Assessing a person on safe transfer and mobility of residents including bed mobility, walking etc (getting in and out of the car, managing stairs)
  • How to use equipment such as walkers, hoists, beds, wheelchairs, transfer equipment, slide sheets
  • Practical skills such as clear communication with other staff and the patient

Towards the end of the session, the participants will be given a questionnaire to pass to earn their certification.

Manual Handling for Aged Care & Disability Accommodation

Vista Healthcare offers contracted Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to organisations throughout NSW.

When a new person comes into  the facility or property, they should be assessed for their manual handling requirements. This assessment is generally carried out by an Allied Health professional such as Vista Healthcare or internal clinicians.

After the assessment, relevant manual handling documentation is composed for the person. This provides staff and carers with directives on factors such as:

  • Physical assistance requirement/staff ratio
  • Bed mobility, sit to stand capability, transfers
  • General mobility and walking
  • Sitting requirements such as comfort chair vs high chair
  • Equipment required such as walking aids, Full body hoist or stand up hoist, sling required
  • Appropriate signage
  • Personal care requirements

This information is distributed to management, carers and family members. In shared housing, there is an instructional chart placed in the room of the resident.

For example, an instructional chart may say ‘This resident needs two people, physical assist with a slide sheet to roll them in bed, and require a full-body hoist’.

Manual Handling Training enables staff to safely and adequately carry out these manual handling practices. This reduces Workplace injury ensuring a safe environment for both staff and person receiving care.

Build Skills & Earn Certification from an Allied Health Provider of Choice

Vista Healthcare receives a lot of questions regarding our manual handling training and if it is suitable for a person in their unique situation, the questions are often

  • Is the certificate nationally recognised?
  • Is Vista Healthcare registered to offer this training?
  • Why is Vista Healthcare’s training appropriate for me?
  • Will my employer or future employer acknowledge this certification?

Vista Healthcare is appropriate to offer manual handling training because we are staffed by senior Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Offering this training is within our scope of practice and we are highly skilled in delivering it.

It is the responsibility of each workplace to train their employees appropriately for their roles and to decide who to acquire manual handling training from. As such, Vista Healthcare is considered a professional provider and our training is typically nationally accepted.

People who complete our training are awarded:

  • A certificate of completion valid for 365 days
  • A handout (curated by our Physios & OTs) surrounding manual handling and how to care for your back
  • Stretches and exercises to prepare for work


Booking Manual Handling Training with Vista Healthcare

In most cases, we can deliver training within two weeks of an initial enquiry.

Sessions take place at the client’s site and, depending upon the size of the group, they can be coordinated as a single session or multiple sessions.

Manual handling training is available via telehealth as well.

At Vista Healthcare, we have extensive experience in delivering Manual Handling Training. We ensure all of our training is up to date with best practices and incorporates the very latest in evidence-based care.

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