Ensuring Stability with Strategic Steps & Measures to Prevent Falls


Falls Prevention is Everyone’s business.

Vista Healthcare is passionate about Falls Prevention in community aged care, Residential aged care and within disability sector. Our Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist assess for Falls Risk and implement strategies to prevent risk of falls.

Who can help? OT vs Physio

Both Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists can assist with falls prevention. Each service provides a unique viewpoint, we recommend having both clinical perspectives so that you have the best opportunity for safety within your home/ community environments and reduce your risk of falls.

OT’s- how can they help?

Occupational Therapists devise interventions that target changing/ adapting patterns and behaviours, prescribe assistive technology such as non-slip mats, 4-wheeled walkers, walking sticks, transfer benches, raised toilet seats, recliners etc. We prescribe environmental modifications such as installing grab rails throughout the home, removing matts, removing clutter, repositioning furniture, increasing in-home lighting etc. We also provide education and training for the individual at risk of falls as well as their family and carers to maximise safety within the home.

Physios- how can they help?

Physiotherapists focus on interventions that target improved physical abilities. Physios assess for balance, strength, and mobility. After the assessment, we will devise an individual exercise program which targets your deficits to assist you to gain strength gradually and safely to gain strength and reduce your risk of falls. Physios are also specialised in prescribing equipment such as mobility aids to further improve your safety within home and community environments.

We consider the fear of falling.

Both our specialised physio and OT team understand the profound impact, having a fear of falling can have on your participation in daily activities. We work with you to develop solutions that will help you to feel more secure in your home and community. We understand everyone is different and no one-size fits all. We ensure our participants are actively involved in addressing risk factors in their own home. It is a participant lead process, and you make the primary decisions, it is your home after all!

Having both OT and Physio input puts you ahead of the game, both professions target different aspects of falls prevention. When combined it creates a unified approach to assist you meet your goals, reduce the risk of falls and remain safe in your home and community environments.

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