Physiotherapy For Stroke Patients

Vista Healthcare provides Physiotherapy for people who have suffered a stroke. Our primary focus is providing support and improving quality of life at all stages in the recovery process.

We employ staff who have clinical experience working in neurology and rehabilitation to ensure we can provide excellent care for those in need.

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About Stroke

A stroke occurs when the brain suffers from a lack of blood supply. There are many types of stroke, namely:

  • An ischemic stroke is caused by a clot or blockage within the cerebrum
  • A haemorrhagic stroke is caused when a blood vessel ruptures within the brain

A transient ischemic attack refers to a temporary lack of blood flow within the brain

Effects of Stroke

A stroke can impact someone in various ways, primarily, it can result in changes to a person’s cognition and physical capacity.

Stroke patients can experience a range of outcomes, including:

  • Weakness
  • Lack of sensation
  • Impaired balance
  • Compromised co-ordination
  • Orientation/perception problems
  • Difficulty with communication, interpretation and memory
  • Paralysis in either side of the body, or both

We give consideration to all of these factors when developing a treatment plan for someone who has suffered a stroke.

Vista Healthcare Support

We are able to assist patients from the early stages of recovery, either in the hospital or upon discharge. In these cases, our Physiotherapist’s role may include:

  • Assessments of physical capacity, mobility, balance, safety
  • Recommending appropriate interventions
  • Managing rehabilitation at home
  • Reviewing equipment

We can also assist those who have had a stroke in the past and who are now experiencing a decline in their physical capabilities. For example, clients may need help adjusting or learning how to use a wheelchair or walking aid.

For a client who is bed-bound after a more significant stroke, we provide exercises to prevent atrophy of their muscles, prevent contractures, reduce pain, positioning to prevent pressure injuries, sitting options. Depending on the patient’s balance, we can work to develop that and achieve sitting balance (for potential wheelchair use), and then standing balance if possible or when plasticity occurs.

Getting Started with Vista Healthcare

Whenever we begin working with a new client, our therapist will carry out an initial assessment. This assessment helps us to understand our client’s personal circumstances, and to determine:

  • Any current deficits or challenges
  • Personal goals
  • Key interventions that will help in achieving goals and improving quality of life.

For example, if someone has had a relatively minor stroke and is able to walk, our Physiotherapist will work with them to improve their walking endurance, stability, distance and confidence.

In all cases, we work to support our clients to meet their meaningful goals and improve quality of life wherever possible.

All our intervention are based on our client’s individual realistic goal. We support our client to reach their desired goal and beyond.

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