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Mental Health is a state of the mind. It’s the emotional, psychological and behavioural wellbeing of a person and how they think or feel or behave in everyday situations.

Vista Healthcare is proud to serve clients who are living with mental health disorders. We work with people who may have schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and autism spectrum disorder.

We are suited to support people living with mild to moderate mental health conditions. If we identify that a person is high-risk to support, or would be better suited to another Allied health company, we may refer onwards.

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Physiotherapy Supports

Vista Healthcare offers caring Physiotherapy services.

There is research to show that exercise in a paced and motivational manager can assist people with improving their wellbeing and also the way they think about themselves. Physiotherapists aim to help people with their psychological, emotional and health wellbeing.

We first try to understand a person’s capacity and how that affected their health. For example, some people are not able to do much exercise because depression can lead to fatigue, insomnia, loss of schedule, loss of motivation or feeling down.

Our Physios understand the connection between the emotional and physical. We work in a paced manner and set smaller goals. This could include walking programs, strength programs and motivation/education so that a person can overcome fear of exercise.

Each time we achieve a little goal, it’s another step towards improving or setting bigger goals!

Occupational Therapy Supports

Our OTs assist more from the organisation aspect of life. People living with mental health conditions may face barriers with:

  • Budgeting
  • Using phones or electronic devices
  • Accessing public transport or going out into the community
  • Domestic activities such as cooking

Our OTs visit people to support them set and achieving new goals with respect to their mental health situation.

We help people build new skills, prescribe mobility equipment, improve home environments and perform assessments (i.e. NDIS functional capacity) to help people access the supports they need.

Additional Supports

Vista Healthcare is a holistic provider of Allied health services, we may make recommendations such as

  • Mindfulness/relaxation techniques
  • Understanding the link between pain and mental health
  • Education regarding exercise and feeling well
  • Anxiety management techniques such as slow breathing and self-compassion
  • Referrals to other Allied health services

You can expect to be treated with Compassion and Care when working with us.

How Allied Health Services are Delivered

We visit people for an initial assessment at their home. Services are then delivered on an individual basis. We offer

  • Ongoing Physiotherapy
  • We try to help our participants be as independent as possible with prescribed exercise programs or routines requested by our OTs
  • We help people develop strategies to control their condition with the help of carers or family
  • OT supports such as identifying social activities, prescription of equipment, assessing how healthcare is being managed and so forth

Vista Healthcare will support you for as long as you need.

Referring to Vista Healthcare

Please use our online referral form to make a referral directly.

Please leave as much information as possible regarding the diagnosis, history, behaviour, care staff, safety concerns, previous assessments/reports and living arrangements of the client.

Vista Healthcare will contact you back to ensure we are appropriate to consider.

We are a mobile provider and visit people in their homes. We work with paediatrics and adults under a varierty of healthcare schemes, namely NDIS, private and homecare packages.

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  • When is the right time to contact Vista Healthcare?

    We strongly encourage people who have mental health issues to contact Vista Healthcare immediately just to have an assessment done.

    If you or a loved one has a low mood, are not feeling like getting out of the house or struggling with day to day activities, whether that’s a personal care or forgetting to do things. That’s when people should contact Vista Healthcare to see whether they need an OT or Physio assessment.

    A lot of people don’t realise how huge an impact benefit can exercise and physiotherapy have.

    Physios and OTs are trained to understand the psychological conditions and the impact of those conditions on the physical wellbeing of a person as well.

  • In what ways will Vista Healthcare work alongside a person's GP or psychologist?

    If we know that a GP, Psychologist or other Allied health provider is involved with a person, we will want to seek feedback to see what strategies have been used, what they’re focused on and other information (ie. medication), community engagements.

    We try and compliment them so that there is a greater direction towards the same specific goal.

    Upon referral, we will seek consent to liaise with them to see how we can work best together.