Commonwealth Home Support Program

Vista Healthcare is proud to support CHSP patients who would benefit from Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy services.
We work with CHSP providers to deliver our wonderful allied health services.

The CHSP is a scheme that provides funding for older adults (who qualify for the scheme) in Australia to access support to live at home safely and meaningfully.

Our services are delivered on a mobile basis across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and greater Sydney areas, our clinicians are caring and compassionate.

Services Available to CHSP Participants


We provide home-visiting Physiotherapy that is individualised to each patient’s needs.

Our Physiotherapy Allied health referrals include:

  • Long/post hospitalisation care
  • Falls prevention and rehabilitation
  • Post surgery events
  • Chronic pain management

Our Physiotherapists will assess each patient individually and identify what goals to focus on. Intervention is then planned and provided accordingly in their homes.

Occupational Therapy

For CHSP Occupational Therapy engagements, much of our work involves performing at-home assessments to ensure the patient is living in a safe environment according to their needs.

We also work to identify if any home modifications are required to allow the patient to safely remain at home for a longer period of time.

Modifications can include bathroom needs (such as a commode) and the installation of rails and ramps throughout the home as needed.

We Make Safer Home Environments for CHSP Participants

Our team pays close attention to the details of all our patients’ living conditions to ensure they’re safe and can effectively support themselves, especially if they’re living alone.

Home Modifications & Equipment

 A common risk our team will consider is in-home mobility. This is namely accessibility throughout the household. Our OTs help with:

  • Property access such as ramps, doorways and wheelchair walkways
  • Appropriate cooking equipment, utensils, furniture
  • Cushions, beds, chairs
  • Transfer equipment

Mobility and Strength at Home

To help patients stay strong and mobile in the home environment, our therapists work with patients and caregivers to implement progressive exercise programs depending on their functional capacity.

These programs are designed to build confidence, independence, and overall function to ensure our patients live safely in their home environments and are able to easily manage daily tasks and activities.

Something like walking fifteen minutes to the local shop could be a meaningful goal that we would look to achieve through a walking program, for example.

Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms are a part of everyday living and should be optimised.

Our OTs perform bathroom assessments, where we would consider things such as transferring in/out of showers, sharp corners, entrance, lighting etc. Our OTs help are mindful of each person’s dignity and preferences.

Fall Prevention

Preventing falls is a primary concern for our team. When working with patients who may be at risk of falling, we always perform an assessment to measure the risk using physiotherapy tools and explore appropriate interventions.

Our focus from a physiotherapy perspective is on building mobility, strength, and conditioning balance.

Falls prevention also involves other Allied health practitioners such as podiatrists and optometrists which we can refer to.

Why Choose Vista Healthcare?

Vista Healthcare is an appropriate CHSP provider for three reasons:

  • We provide individual, patient-centered care. Our experienced team ensures our patients’ needs are adequately addressed and tailored to their abilities and functional capacity
  • We’re skilled in assessing our patients and assisting them with therapy or connecting them with the right resources to ensure they’re comfortable at home
  • Vista Healthcare was founded in Sydney in 2012 and already partners with multiple CHSP providers and we are skilled in the aged care and disability sectors

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  • I'm not sure if my CHSP funding covers Vista Healthcare’s services. How can I find out?

    The first step is to review your CHSP package with your provider.

    You can also call My Aged Care as well to find out exactly how much funding you have and what other services you can access in order to continue living independently at home.

  • Can Vista Healthcare provide an assessment on how overall health is being managed?

    Yes. Vista Healthcare is here to provide holistic care coordination for our patients. That means our OTs may discuss

    • Foot health
    • Pharmaceutical interventions
    • Eyesight health
    • Wound care
    • Nurses & carers
    • Personal care, home cleaning, gardening, ADLs

    We’re happy to liaise with caretakers and Allied health professionals to deliver multidisciplinary care. If other services are of interest, our team will work to understand what options are available and what the patient’s goals are.

  • Can Vista Healthcare help CHSP participants identify access social supports?


    We’re happy to also connect our patients with social support programs and opportunities in the community if they’re interested and we feel that they could benefit from them.

    Programs include those run by other organisations, day programs, and senior-specific options to encourage people to remain social in their community.

  • Can Vista Healthcare share a CHSP success story?

    Vista Healthcare received a referral from a provider for a lovely gentleman who had a recent fall and sustained a fracture in his Olecranon (elbow).

    During the assessment, the patient expressed that he did not feel confident using his walker for more than a few minutes. This hurt his ability to visit the local shops, exercise and socialise.

    Our Physiotherapists worked on both bent-arm and straight arm strength, as well as building lower-limb strength to support his gait. After a few sessions, he was able to return to his favourite daily walk, grab a morning coffee and socialise with his friends, how great!