Wheelchair Measuring Guide

It is important to note that the following is for BASIC wheelchair prescription only. For more complex individuals you may need to consider the following. (Note this is not an exhaustive list)

• Does the individual need head or trunk support?
• Does the individual require a tilt function?
• Does the individual require a stand function?
• Does the individual need additional accessories? (e.g., arm trough, lever drives, pressure cushions, etc)
• Consider ongoing pressure care requirements
• Elevating leg rests etc

Basic measurements required for an appropriate wheelchair prescription involve the following:

• Seat Width
• Seat Depth
• Seat Height
• Armrest height
• Backrest height
• Footrest height/length

Please see the example below:

Get in touch today with one of our friendly Occupational Therapists to assist you with your wheelchair needs! It is vital that prescription is appropriate and suited to the individual to minimise the risk of pressure wounds, increase comfort and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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