Sydney Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Vista Healthcare provides professional Physiotherapy & OT to the community of Sydney.

We primarily work with clients who are living with physical and/or neurological disabilities. However, our mobile team is also capable of working with those requiring assistance with post-surgery or hospital stay rehabilitation, at both their homes, community, or places of work.

Our Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists possess a minimum of a Bachelor degree. We are a team of skilled healthcare professionals, who carry public and professional indemnity insurance and possess current criminal record checks.

We are NDIS registered providers and are registered with APA, AHPRA respectively.

Service Areas

Vista Healthcare travels to all suburbs throughout greater Sydney.

Our Services


We provide Physiotherapy under several capacities to help people achieve their goals.

Our Physiotherapists use evidence-based rehabilitation plans to help people improve –

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Mobility
  • Endurance
  • Conditioning

Our Physiotherapy sessions are fun, engaging and innovative.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists conduct a variety of activities, namely

  • Assessments
  • Reviews
  • Equipment prescription
  • Equipment trials
  • Skill development
  • Home modifications

We provide AT such as wheelchairs, walking aids, beds, mattresses, lift chairs, recliners, kitchen, bathroom equipment and scooters.

Our OTs are committed to ongoing learning, and regularly have in-house workshops to grow their skillset.

NDIS Participants

We help self-managed and agency managed NDIS participants.

We offer professional Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy under improved daily living.

We handle –

  • Functional Assessments
  • Rehabilitation
  • Assistive Technology (AT) requests
  • SDA/SIL Assessments

We work with both children and adult participants.

Homecare Clients

We provide caring Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy to homecare package clients.

We support basic to high care needs (levels 1-4).

We help people live at home for longer, living safe and meaningful lives.

We partner with approved homecare providers and help them maintain compliance with Aged Care quality indicators.

Who We Work With

Sydney is one of the key regions Vista Healthcare has been working in since our inception. We provide Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy to-

  • Children
  • NDIS Participants
  • Homecare Package Clients
  • Private Paying Clients
  • DVA clients
  • After hospitalisation care

Our services are available to everybody, we would like the community to know that.

Our healthcare is available on a mobile basis.  We are experienced, compassionate and highly-skilled professionals that live locally, so we appreciate the opportunity to give back to our community.

More About Our Services

In addition to Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, please note, we offer the following:

  • Our services are available in all varieties of living arrangements, including private homes, group homes, and residential aged care facilities
  • We offer our services for respite care patients, as well as Short Term Restorative Care programs (STRC)
  • Brokered Physiotherapy and Occupational services for residential aged care providers and assist with leave coverage, recruitment, training and more
  • Provide pain management programs
  • Provide initial assessments, post-fall reviews, post-hospital reviews, clinical reviews and manual handling reviews
  • Participate in clinical meetings and liaise with family and doctors
    Provide theory and practical manual handling education for staff of residential aged care providers

Patient-Directed Care

Vista Healthcare believes in patient-directed care. We start helping by informing that person of the care they should receive, and what funding options are available to them. We take the time to know our clients as people, to truly understand what motivates them and how we should best deliver our services.

We are mindful that people often live with their condition 24/7, not just when they see us. Part of our outcomes are to deliver lifelong skills and strategies to help that person improve themselves, manage their pain and live their best life. In other words, providing healthcare with them, not to them.

When delivering our services, we integrate with the person, their community and their family. We treat all people with respect, support, dignity and compassion.

Patient-directed care is used for us to help model individual programs to improve our client holistically. We believe this approach improves the healthcare experience and builds trust, which in turn, improves the outcomes for our clients.

Dedicated to Quality Healthcare in Sydney, NSW

Our clients place a high level of trust in our work. Vista Healthcare best serves its clients by recruiting qualified, local clinicians from the Sydney region. We invest in our team by offering professional development, ongoing training, a collaborative environment and support.

We have grown tremendously since our inception. Our team of highly skilled professionals endeavour to become long term, reliable and trusted assets for the people we partner with. We are highly receptive to feedback as this is essential to serve the community better.

Despite our size, there is never a client too small to matter.

Ready to work with Vista Healthcare?

During the initial phone call, we will ask questions to appropriately allocate a clinician that person would prefer and feel comfortable with, for example, the choice between a male and female clinician. We are a diverse team and have multilingual capabilities. We respect all religious, spiritual and personal beliefs.

We accept new referrals and will also prioritise urgent cases where appropriate. We look forward to your enquiry and would love to help with our values of compassion & care shining through.

Contact Vista Healthcare to discuss if we are an appropriate provider for the patient’s specific requirements.

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