How do residents of aged care homes perceive physical activity and functional independence? A qualitative study

Senior woman balances balls as exercise for coordination in occupational therapy

A qualitative inquiry published: 31 May 2019 interviewed 24 residents from five different residential aged care facilities to assist researches in answering how residents in aged care homes perceive and experience physical activity and functional independence in everyday life.

The study identified key factors influencing physical activity and functional independence of residents which were: levels of activity prior to living in residential aged care, ageism, social capital and loss of a loved one, pain and staff support.

Maintaining independence was found to be the utmost priority for nearly all participants in this study which  highlight’s the pivotal and necessary role Allied Health Professional’s have in the daily lives of each of these residents. Vista health care is committed to encourage physical activity as part of our pain management programs. We strongly believe that physical activity plays a vital role in maintaining mobility, therefore increasing the functional independence and wellbeing of all of our clients.

Full article: Physical activity and functional independence